Summer is here! What wines do I pair with my favorite BBQ'd foods?

For many, the fourth of July marks the beginning of barbecue season and begs the question, what wines pair best with my favorite barbecued dishes? Well we are here to equip you with some simple and fun summer grilling pairing ideas. Let’s start with some easy go to’s. BBQ doesn’t only have to be about meat! I love throwing veggies on the grill, and enjoying a bright delicate wine with them. Pass on the oak and go for something that is a little bit lighter and showcases bright fruit like a stainless steel Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. While we have Chardonnay on hand, go ahead and pair it with grilled chicken as well! If you are looking for a red wine, go with Zinfandel. This fruity wine is bold enough to go head-to-head with a juicy, smoky grilled chicken coated in a big spicy, sweet bbq sauce. You may remember us mentioning in a previous post how you can pair red wine with fish, well this is the perfect time to give it a try. Have a glass of Pinot Noir with your grilled salmon! Pinot Noir’s good acidity, bright fruit, and herbaceous qualities will cut the fat and add a depth to a thick fillet of fish. If porks on tonight’s menu, you can easily pair it with a fruit forward wine that maybe even has a touch of sweetness. Let’s also make room for some bigger, bolder meats. If beef is your preference, grab yourself a bottle of Cabernet. Big Bordeaux's tend to draw out the flavors of pepper and tobacco in the meat leaving you with a very satisfied feeling. Lastly, if you are manning the grill and looking for something to drink while at it or something that will please everyone, go for a nice crisp Rosé!

Now that we have sparked your thirst and hunger, swing by to the cellar and stock up for the summer. We would be happy to answer any further foodie questions you might have. Happy BBQ’ing!