Have you ever wondered why we use corks as the perfect wine closure?

 The reasons for this tradition is largely due to the physical properties that protect bottled wine under a variety of storage conditions. Natural cork also provides an important role in a wine's successful maturation process. Wine finished in natural cork undergoes a predictable process of that results in soften tannins, added complexity and the creation of a bottle bouquet. Because most "great" wines are evaluated with the understanding that a predictable aging process will be realized, natural cork remains an important component in modern wine. Natural cork also provides unique physical properties that are perfectly suited for preservation and development of a fine wine. Cork's intricate cell structure, joined together like minute "honeycombs", creates a material that is compressible, resilient and impervious. These physical properties of cork have not been duplicated by man-made materials. Natural cork has the ability to adapt to the vagaries of bottle shape and size. It is equally capable to withstanding environmental changes in heat, cold, and moisture. This benefits the wine by protecting against leakage and early oxidation and allows the wine to gain complexity and bouquet throughout its storage life. So cheers to the cork!