The Best Way to Store Wine

If you are any sort of wine connoisseur or have purchased wine at any point and are not planning on drinking it right away, you are probably wondering what is the best way to store it. The majority of wine being released today is made to drink within the first couple of years. In other circumstances, the guidelines of wine storage are pretty simple.Let’s start with temperature: heat is a not compatible with wine. You want to keep wines cool, temperatures exceeding 70 degrees may cause wine to age faster than desired. Higher temperatures may also change the wine and result in the aromas/flavors tasting flat or flabby. Yes, you want it cool, but not too cool. Leaving wines in the refrigerator for longer than 3 months, is too long. The lack of moisture in a refrigerator may dry out the corks and allow air to seep into the bottle.The ideal temperature for storing wines is between 45-65 degrees fahrenheit, and keeping it at a steady temperature is important. Light is another factor to consider, mainly the sun’s UV rays. They can deteriorate and prematurely age wine. Another important practice is making sure to keep the wine on its side. This allows the wine to be in constant contact with the cork allowing it to stay moist and kept from drying out. Remember, this is not necessary unless your bottle is going to be saved to be enjoyed in the future. However, it will not harm your wine to follow these storing guidelines always!

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