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Our Story

Stockwell Cellars is the newest Santa Cruz west side micro-boutique winery, offering some of Santa Cruz's finest handcrafted wines in an urban wine cellar/art gallery. At Stockwell Cellars we focus on creating unmanipulated single varietal wines with character. Our award winning Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are made from grapes sourced from local viticulturists dedicated to meticulous farming practices. With the same level of care, we source our Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Cabernet, to a name few, from other California AVA’s. Distinguished wines begin with beautiful grapes. The art of making beautiful wines is not so different from that of other art forms, and therefore we are passionate about supporting local artists by offering our cellar as a gallery space. On occasion, artists will utilize our cellar as a working studio for our guest’s viewing pleasure. As our guests you will have the unique opportunity to meet our winemaker, Eric Stockwell, and have him share with you his passion for wine and winemaking.

The Crew

Eric Stockwell

As a steel fabricator/welder, Eric Stockwell is no stranger to sparks flying, but what he hadn’t anticipated was the spark for winemaking that would ignite in him early in the 2000’s. He quickly learned that all he needed to turn that spark into a flicker, was a curiosity for making great wine. Access to grapes, a few wine making supplies and his basement was all he needed to get started. A decade later, he found himself consistently acquiring more quality fruit with each passing harvest. This allowed him to hone his winemaking skills and accumulate 130+ barrels of single varietal wines. It was made apparent at that time, that making wine was much more than a hobby; it was a passion. The birth of Stockwell Cellars was eminent. Eric acquired cellar space on the west side of Santa Cruz and opened the cellar doors for all to enjoy the spring of 2014. Nearly two years later, Eric is doubling his facility and all is a blaze!

"I make red steel because I have to, but I make red wine because I want to.!"


Suzanne Zeber

Suzanne is Eric’s biggest fan, so when they met and she learned wine was his passion, she knew it was only a matter of time before she too would discover a love and appreciation for it. She began her career in the wine industry, working with one of Santa Cruz Mountain’s most respected wineries as a "Direct to Consumer manager". The experience she gained there, paired with her many years of detailed event coordination, are what complete the partnership between she and Eric. As a proprietor of Stockwell Cellars, Suzanne over sees all aspects of the wine club, events and marketing. Her warm welcoming personality leaves a lasting impression upon all that visit the cellar.

"Nothing beats working with your best friend, utilizing your God given gifts."


Jessica Stockwell

Eric’s daughter, Jessica, was born and raised in Santa Cruz. As a young girl she remembers hearing her dad in the basement late at night making wine, and she was curious. Years later she was given the opportunity to satisfy her curiosity by working in the tasting room. This is when she began to fall in love with wine. Like many of us, when we begin a love affair we have a veracious appetite to learn everything we can about that thing we’re falling for. Jessica is no exception. In order to round out her knowledge, she headed to the vineyards and worked her first “crush” in 2015. This was her introduction to the winemaking process. She is currently attending courses in San Francisco, in pursuit of becoming a Certified Sommelier. It is not unusual to find her in the tasting room on the weekends sharing her ever growing knowledge and passion for wines with our guests. Weekdays she’s in the cellar assisting her dad with the craft of making wine.

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